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  • Inside the faltering fight against illegal Amazon logging
      By Scott Wallace | Aug 28, 2019 Special to National Geographic "On July 4th, along a dusty backroad in the southwest Brazilian state of Rond?nia, near the logging hub of Espig?o d’Oeste, unknown assailants stopped a tanker truck, yanked the driver from the cab, and set it ablaze. The truck was carrying aviation fuel […]
    Posted on August 28, 2019
  • Summer Travels Lead To ‘The Making Of A Holocaust Educator’
      By Eliza Hallabeck | Aug 23, 2019 Special to The Newtown Bee "Summer travels have led Newtown High School social studies teacher Rachel Torres to being excited for the 2019-20 school year: She documented traveling to Lithuania and Poland while learning about the Holocaust." Read the full article from The Newtown Bee.
    Posted on August 23, 2019
  • When UConn called, it was game on for Croatian recruit Nika Muhl
      By Walter Villa | Apr 18, 2019 Special to espnW "Nika Muhl stared at the email. Was this a prank? Or was this real? The subject line read, "Greetings from UConn", and that was intriguing enough for Muhl, a 5-foot-10 point guard from the Croatian capital of Zagreb. But then she opened the correspondence, […]
    Posted on April 18, 2019


RSS UConn Today – #Global

  • Study: When More Pain Means More Gain September 3, 2019
    Researchers found positive psychological outcomes and increased well-being in participants who performed an extreme annual ritual as part of a national celebration.
    Elaina Hancock
  • Snapshot: Elic Weitzel in Kosovo June 28, 2019
    A UConn graduate student in archaeology just returned from a research trip to Kosovo, where he is helping collect and identify artifacts to help understand the history of the region.
    Elaina Hancock
  • Education Abroad: Drew-Asia Keating ’20, London, England April 24, 2019
    First-generation college student Drew Asia-Keating '20 (CLAS) says her Education Abroad experience in London took her out of her comfort zone.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Luis Rivera ’19, Prague, Czech Republic April 19, 2019
    Accounting major Luis Rivera '19 (BUS) says his Education Abroad experience in Prague, Czech Republic, helped him grow as a person.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Omaniel Ortiz ’20, London, England April 11, 2019
    For first-generation college student Omaniel Ortiz, his Education Abroad experience in London was the first time he traveled outside the U.S.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Anna Zarra Aldrich ’20, London, England April 5, 2019
    People 'asked me a lot of questions about American politics and we talked a lot about Brexit. Working and meeting with different people was a huge part of the experience,' says Anna Zarra Aldrich '20 (CLAS).
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Preston Bogan ’19, Paris, France March 25, 2019
    'If you don’t look outside your own comfort zone ... you are missing out,' says Bogan after spending a semester in Paris.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications


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